Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"I have traveled a road that leads to somewhere..."

Here we go... yet ANOTHER transition in my life. Ever since high school, I've been going through a period of constant transition. As soon as I get comfortable somewhere, it seems like the LORD wants me to move into discomfort again. I'm starting to be comfortable in the discomfort. This transition however is quite different then any other. 
I feel like I may need to explain myself a little...

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Now... why the HECK am I moving to the land of -60 Degrees and full of Oilers fans??? (That's right, last year temperatures reached -30 with a -30 wind chill)

This calls for a list: 

1. My friend Caleb is forcing me to!
(I'm just kidding, but he and his girlfriend Clara... both very good friends of mine have been VERY instrumental in this decision making process.) If it weren't for them, I probably wouldn't even have considered moving out to Alberta for school. It all started out as a joke... but then it became a legitimate option for me to pursue my calling. 

2. I'm trying my best to follow the LORD'S will in my life...
I'm pursuing on of my hearts desires and that is to work with children, especially children who come from broken homes that have not experienced LOVE before. 
LOVE from the LORD is UNCONDITIONAL and I want to provide a safe place of learning for these kids where they will feel supported and encouraged by what they are accomplishing and to LOVE them the way the LORD LOVES...

3. God's will in my life is PERFECT and GOOD
The ONE TIME I looked on the UofA website, I was AMAZED with their BEd program. They are nationally known for this program, 60% of the teachers in Alberta right now are graduates of UofA and to apply you need 24 transferable credits for a different post secondary institute. This is where "God's will in my life is PERFECT and GOOD" comes in. 
I spent this past year at Langara just wanting to get some credits done so I could get out of there as fast as I could. I completed exactly 24 credits... I decided to consider UofA at this point.
Then, my main concern was could I come back to B.C to teach? Well... apparently it was hard to change from province to province but NOW, there is a B.C and Alberta Labour Mobility Agreement that basically says I CAN!
After a lot of prayer, seeking out council and digging through scripture... I applied and was accepted. 

So... I'm moving in with beautiful Clara TOMORROW! She has been truly amazing throughout all of this. I haven't gone out to Alberta yet because of a hectic summer at Camp, but she has found us a home and has furnished it and has looked for a bed for me to make this transition more comfortable. 
Mama Mac and I are leaving tomorrow morning at 5:00 (ew ew ew... I HATE MORNINGS) so we can get there for the evening. My dad will then meet up with us later on Saturday because we have had some plumbing issues at the house PLUS Kevin leaves for school on the Saturday as well. They will help me settle in and then... I have NO idea what to expect. All I know is that this year will be another year where I will grow and learn. 

"I have traveled a road that leads to somewhere..." (these are lyrics to a song written by a dear friend of mine, Jer)... we never stop growing, we never stop moving... 

I'll keep you posted about the move.
As my friend Colleen would say... 

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