Friday, September 24, 2010


Clara, me and Jackie at a Golden Bears Football Game

Oh Edmonton... how you treat me well!There are some days that I can't believe that I'm here and other days where it feels like I've been here for a while.
The weather, I am pleased to announce is 16 DEGREES today! Days like this don't come around too often.
I have been learning a lot so far and I'm enjoying my classes a lot. However because my classes are so large (200-300 students), we have a LOT of readings... but no assignments really. And ALL of our exams and mid terms are going to be multiple choice. So I'm sure I'm going to get my fair share of scan-trons when mid terms start. Oh yeah, mid terms start on October 6th already!

This past weekend we went to the Golden Bears Football Game. Our friend Travis (Caleb's roommate) was playing so we went to go cheer them on. It was a lot of fun to be at a football game. I hadn't been to one in a while and we had a lot of fun for the first 3 quarters. (We lost the game in the last quarter so our spirits kinda fizzled out).
But we have big plans for this weekend. There is yet ANOTHER Golden Bears game tonight that we are going to go to. And then tomorrow morning, Clara and I are driving to Calgary to meet up with her mom and dad to go to their church family camp. I'm excited to get out of Edmonton and be outside for a bit.
That's all I really have time for now because I need to start getting ready for class. :)  

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