Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeling Like A Student

The time has come...

(It is not until these times when I start feeling like a University student. OH THE JOY!) =)

It is time to stay up late... make recipe cards for remembering definitions (all thanks to my geog 12 teacher)... remember key concepts and models... late night snack to keep the brain juices flowing... stretch... yawn... memorize... and LEARN!

But truly, I am getting an education and that in itself is a gift (even if it may not feel like it at times). I'm officially preparing for mid terms. I have 2 this coming week... one on Wednesday for Health Ed and one on Thursday for Ed Psych

Because my classes are so huge (200-300 students), my mid terms will consist of multiple choice questions as well as a true or false component. 

30% of my grade will depend on 40-50 multiple choice questions. I feel SO comforted... *did you catch the sarcasm?

I would prefer to write a paper that I can take my time on, however, I'm in University... it happens. 
I'm just looking forward to the weekend now. IT'S THANKSGIVING AND I'M GOING TO PARTY! Actually, I'm just going to be doing a lot of traveling and visiting with friends and their families. Both Clara and Caleb's parents have graciously opened up their homes to us for Thanksgiving. I believe there is 6 of us that are planning on going down to Calgary and then down to Clarsholm to visit their families. 

It shall be a grand adventure... but till then... 

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