Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Life... It's Beautiful

Well... this past week and a half has been more difficult then most.

One of the reasons I started this blog was so that my family and friends at home could see what I was getting up to in Alberta. Most of this information is not new though.

My Oma passed away last Thursday (Nov. 4th 2010) at 2:00 in the morning...
Wednesday night (the 3rd) was a difficult night. After I had received an email from my ma about my Oma's condition (she wasn't responding to anyone), I needed to study for my EdPsych midterm as well as finish up a paper for my Profession of Teaching course. It was a stressful and emotionally draining time... however, my friends out here are truly amazing and treated me so well. They were there to listen to me and to just be with me as well as help me study as I was trying to get things done while thinking about my family...

The next morning was VERY difficult.

I was getting ready to go write my midterm for EdPsych and I received a phone call from my mom about Oma passing away. I was able to be with Clara for 20 mins or so before I could go write an exam 30 mins later. I wrote my mid term... then I handed in a paper... then I skipped my class... I could not handle it.

However, I have GREAT friends. After I left my class, I went home to calm down and take a breather and to be alone for a little bit. Then Caleb, Travis and Clara came back from Value Village where they went Christmas shopping... (yes, we like to celebrate Christmas a little bit early here). So I headed over to the guys place and was greeted with big smiles, hugs, an eggnog chai latte, Christmas music AND a STOCKING! Then we played Bohnanza and I WON... they didn't even let me win... I won all on my own! My friends out here are TRULY GREAT!

My last midterm was last Wednesday... and last Wednesday was Oma's funeral. As soon as I was done my test it all started sinking in. I REALLY wanted to be there and to see my family and to see my Opa, but I couldn't. All I could do was pray for my family... that the LORD would bless them and hold them close and calm their hearts.

Oma LOVED to hear about ALL of her grand childrens lives. Last year when I lived at home, I would run some errands with Oma like take her to the bank to make bill payments or to the super market or the farmers market. We also made a few hospital runs so that she could get eye surgery. Eventually, Oma started asking questions about boys... BOYS... my 85 year old Oma asking me about BOYS? I wish I had a story to tell her each time, but I really didn't. Every time she asked me, "so Jenna, are there any boys in your life?" I would always reply with the same old, "No, no boys for me Oma." After, she would always say, "it's ok, he's coming for you Jenna... and he'll be great!" And then she would try and force feed me some more stale candy...

This has been QUITE the year for me and my family. Kevin and I have lost 2 grandma's and my parents have lost both their mom's (within half a year)... and we have never really lost anyone before. We are so comforted in knowing that BOTH our grandma's had a great relationship with Christ. But I just miss them A LOT! And it makes me realize how AMAZING my parents are.

When Grammie (my Dad's mom) passed in May, my mom and dad were ALWAYS checking up on me and Kev to see how we were doing with it. They always wanted to check up on us because we are the "grandkids" even though they are the ones that just lost a mom and a mother-in-law. Even with Oma, they have both been seeing how we are doing with it. I have EXTREMELY strong parents... and I am so proud of them.

But Christmas is coming! I'm SO excited to see my family again and to be around them and love on them and hold them and do family things.
Elyse, Kevin, Holly, Adam and I... just some of my wonderful cousins
God has been SO good throughout this WHOLE time. I cannot believe how well he has blessed me out here with my little community of friends. They have been ABSOLUTELY amazing and I can't thank them enough.

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