Thursday, January 6, 2011

It has been a BIG year =)

Looking back on 2010, I have experienced QUITE a bit... so I have decided to make a list!

1. I've moved away from home
2. I have my very own apartment that I share with my best friend
3. I have made new friends and have connected with old ones
4. I have experienced loss
5. I have been homesick and have missed my friends and family in B.C
6. I have made my own meals
7. I led a Leadership Training Program at Camp
8. I have started a new school where I am learning how to be a teacher
9. I have made grocery shopping mistakes... and laughed about it
10. I have experienced my nose hairs freezing together (-35 degrees)
11. I started celebrating Christmas in the beginning of November
12. I've been so stressed that I have fried myself out
13. I took a hip hop class and learned a little about gliding, pop and locking, tutting, and krumping
14. I have dyed my hair
15. I helped lead a multi day backpacking trip in Manning Park
16. I have been challenged in my faith by family, friends and the Holy Spirit
17. I have been blessed by surprises
18. I have been loved and cared for by friends
19. I got braces
20. I have had my wisdom teeth removed
21. I have skipped class
22. I have procrastinated (what I am doing now)
23. I have swallowed a dime (don't ask me how!)
24. I've summited 2 mountain
25. I have gotten my first "A" in a University course

Now... 2011 is here... and it is looking SO GOOD!

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