Friday, June 22, 2012

A Quick Update...

Hey Everyone,

Yes, I know it has been a while, however, important things have come up and thus, I put the blog on hold for a while.

In the midst of finishing my online class, Travis's Grandfather passed away on Thursday June 14, 2012 after a short 1 month battle of bone cancer. It has been a hard time for us, but we have been comforted in knowing that Grandpa Baldwin is with our Heavenly Father, glorifying Him in his new body. He is dancing and singing his praises forever and we cannot stop picturing him up in Heaven worshiping Jesus. So praise God that Grandpa Baldwin accepted Christ into his heart 2 years ago (he was 89 when he passed).

They are celebrating his life tomorrow at Grandma Baldwin's house and I am in Seattle with my family so I cannot be there. However, we would still love prayers for comfort because we love and miss him so much.

Even though all of this has happened, I have been exceptionally blessed. 

My Maid of Honour (Clara) came out from Edmonton to help me do DIY decorations for the wedding and encourage me more in the wedding preparation department.

Kelsey (my bridesmaid), Jordan (another bridesmaid), and Clara, threw me a beautiful wedding shower where my friends spoiled me rotten and blessed me with love and gifts.

After all of the celebrating (and even before), we worked on DIY projects like decorating Mason Jars with burlap and lace for center pieces, signs that point in different directions for the ceremony grounds and cutting out bunting from thrifted fabric. One of my favorite projects that we worked on were slabs of wood from a fallen tree. We are using them for center pieces and I will do a blog post on those later.

As for now... I'm tired and I think it is time for bed.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers at this time. Travis and I are getting married in 1 more month and it just seems to be flying by. It's a very exciting time, however, there is still lots to do and more healing to occur. So thank you for all of your encouragement, our families really appreciate it.

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