Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses

Hello again everyone,

A lot has happened since we have been home in beautiful B.C. I started an online class which I am now half way through (my mid term is on Friday)... and I'm already excited to be done. I have also been working at Country Meadows restaurant and going thrifting for the wedding. And yes, thrifting has been quite successful, but I will talk about that another time when I start posting about the DIY projects that are in process and ones that I would like to undergo a little late when I have all of the materials.

However, tonight I wanted to share how the beautiful bridesmaids found their dresses for the wedding.

I saw the dusty rose colour before and I absolutely fell in love with it. I never thought that I would go for a pink colour because my Mom had pink bridesmaids dresses as well... but this is a little different. This is DUSTY ROSE!!!

So, my only guidelines really were that the girls could pick dresses with a matte material. I didn't like the shiny look. They also had to pick dresses about knee length because it is a summer wedding. And FINALLY, the dresses had to be along the lines of a dusty rose/pastel rose colour. The more the girls looked around, the more I realized the different shades we were going to have. I was VERY excited about it because the ombre effect is one that I love seeing in weddings. So I am stoked!

My Maid of Honour, Clara, picked out a beautiful lace dress (top left). The back is absolutely stunning and it is what sold us on the dress. I absolutely love it!

Kelsey, a gorgeous bridesmaid, picked out the lovely rosette shoulder dress (top right). It was light, classic and looked stunning and very much the Kelso I know.

Jordan, a friend I met at camp and a gal that I will be standing up for at her wedding 2 weeks later searched HIGH AND LOW for this stunning dress (bottom left). The search was worth the wait because her dress is absolutely adorable.

Finally, my friend, Melissa's dress (bottom right) was one that I thought I could see her in because she wanted strapless and the colour is just fantastic.

I wanted the girls to find dresses that were not only beautiful on them and a style that they liked, but dresses that were kind to their wallets. I'm so thankful that they were all able to find dresses that they loved under $65.00!
The 2 dresses on the left are from http://www.modcloth.com/ and the 2 on the right are from http://shopruche.com/. Check out BOTH of these websites for GREAT fashion and AFFORDABLE prices!

People keep asking me the one moment I'm most excited for during my wedding day. My answer is always the same... it is to see Travis for the first time as I walk down the aisle with our friends standing up for us and supporting us through our marriage. I can't stop thinking about that one moment because I know it will be one that I will never live out again and one that I have dreamed about since I was a little girl. Now that the gals have their outfits... It is becoming more and more real! 

I just wanted to thank my bridesmaids for supporting me so far and for being there for me already while we plan this amazing day. It is officially 2 months away today... and I can't wait!

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