Sunday, October 7, 2012

Arrow Signs DIY

Making these arrow signs was a lot of fun. Again, I got this idea from Pinterest and fell in love. This was one of the projects that I worked on with my bridesmaids when my Maid of Honor, Clara, came to help me with wedding plans

I wanted to keep this relatively inexpensive so I ended up recycling the wood from an old IKEA bed frame I had. Thanks IKEA!


First, the bridesmaids and I measured the arrows (approx.) to the right length. Then, thanks to my friends and bridesmaid, Kelsey, used her jigsaw to cut the arrows out. I'm so thankful that she lives on a farm.

After cutting the arrows out, we sanded the edges...

 This is one of my bridesmaids, Kelsey. She is one handy woman.

 And this is Jordan (another Bridesmaid), and Clara (Maid of Honour). I was so thankful that they came out to help out with the wedding as much as they did. All of my ladies are such blessings.

After we sanded, we started staining the wood. This wood (above) was used for the posts and the base.

 For the arrows, I then had Clara use a pencil to make a nice handwritten font for the types of activities we would have at the wedding... they turned out AMAZING!

This might be a little harder to explain, but I'll give it a shot anyways. I lined up 2 pieces of stained posts that were the same length. I then lined arrows up and down on the 2 posts. I then nailed the arrows pointing left onto the left post and the arrows pointing right onto the right post.

When you put the right and left posts together, it looked like one unified sign. BUT...

 the sign posts then acted as hinges to add some dimension to the sign.

These photos were then taken on our actual wedding day by The Nickersons. We ended up using them for not only decorations, but our photobooth too!

We LOVE how these signs turned out, and I hope you enjoyed this blog post too.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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