Thursday, October 11, 2012

Palette Stage DIY

Well, I have decided that since I have just a little bit of time before mid terms, I want to get out another blog post about our wedding decorations. This time, I will be discussing how my amazing husband made our stage for the wedding.  

I originally saw this idea on the Green Wedding Shoes. I loved this wedding, and was also inspired by their style and creativity (*cough* the stage *cough*). I told Travis that I wanted to make a palette stage and he thought I was nuts. Then he saw a photo and understood what I was wanting. 


Yes, Travis made the palette stage, and it looked AWESOME. We were so blessed by our friend Eddie who was able to get 8 palettes from his work. Eddie was SO helpful and brought the palettes to us so that Travis could get this project started. THANK YOU EDDIE!

Travis went out to the Home Depot and bought a nice ply wood (enough to cover the tops of each palette) and cut each piece out to size with a jig saw. After cutting, he nailed down each piece of ply wood to the tops of the palette. He then sanded down the edges and started staining the tops, the sides, and the inside (just the first few 2x4's that people could see). 

Yes, this is my hotty working hard on our stage. He is quite the fella.

We were able to set up the stage the day before the wedding and were so excited about how it turned out.

This is a time consuming project... however, it was worth the time and effort (thanks Trav). We were lucky enough to get the palettes for free and the approx. cost of the ply wood and stain together was $130.00. It is a budget friendly way of doing a stage for an outdoor wedding if you do not have a hill or other means of elevation. And, it looks great!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. ur husband is hot

  2. how was the cost $130? that seems like a lot for free pallets, stain and plywood