Thursday, March 31, 2011

How the TIMES have CHANGED!

Wow... it has really been a while since my last posting and I've been trying to figure out what I want to write for this one because A LOT has happened to me in the past 2 and a bit months or so since I've last written. So let's do a QUICK recap... 

1. Christmas Break happened and it was AMAZING... why you might ask?
VanDusen Gardens with my family
a) I got to go to back home to BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA! I was greeted by Mama Mac, Papa Mac and my dear brother... such a joy to see my family at the airport and to spend my holiday with them. I then got to see my WHOLE family on both sides to celebrate Christmas. It was so refreshing and wonderful to see everyone again (especially with everything that happened with Grammie and Oma this year). God is continually loving my family and I have felt SO blessed by His GOODNESS.

Kevin and I testing out my new camera... we had way to much fun with it
b) "The Boy" (don't worry, he has a name... I'm just going to introduce him later) I liked came out (45 mins away from me) and spend time with me. We went out for sushi a couple times and were able to enjoy meeting each others families. I got to meet his mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and aunt and he got to meet... well... my aunts, uncles and cousins on my mom's side. We had a lot of fun seeing where the other person grew up and who they grew up with.

c) Our best friends got ENGAGED ON NEW YEARS EVE! We knew it was going to happen as well because Caleb told us "the plan" and showed us the ring... so we were anticipating their phone call that evening and it was the most excited I've been for a friend in a while. 

d) I got to visit with friends... I had the opportunity to go to Camp Squeah and into Langley, Surrey and just stay in Ladner to meet up with close friends who I hadn't seen in a while and catch up with them over coffee or food. It was a busy Christmas break... but SO AWESOME! I'm so blessed to be able to witness the Lord in people's lives.
e) FINALLY, "The Boy" I liked eventually told me his feelings for me... and I was SO happy to hear that "the Boy" I liked, liked me as well.

2. "The Boy" eventually became my boyfriend...  That's right, my 20 year single streak is officially OVER!

Ok, "The Boy's" name is Travis... and he makes me SO happy! We have been friends since September and we have been dating now for over 2 months. It feels like longer already, but these 2 months have gone by so quickly.
Who would have thought that I had to move all the way to Alberta to meet a B.C boy?
We have way too much fun together... he makes me laugh till I snort and brings so much JOY into my life. And we have done TONS so far this semester already. We've seen concerts, been to the Art Gallery, the Legislative building, gone out for dinners, gone out for coffee's, made food together, seen movies, gone for walks in the blistering cold, gone on a road trip to Fort St. John and have just stayed in and enjoyed each others company and conversation. I'm definitely spoiled and am SO blessed to have this man in my life... God's will for my life is GOOD and PERFECT... =)

Honestly... I don't understand why the Lord has blessed me with such an amazing man!

3. Academics are actually ENJOYABLE this semester... especially when dance is considered an academic.

That's right... I'm dancing for SCHOOL! I dance 3 times a week for 2 dance classes. One is Modern Dance and the other is the Spectrum of Dance. They are both SURPRISINGLY challenging. I've stressed out over dance routines already because... 

1. I've had to do a solo... and I have NEVER done solo's before
2. The majority of the Spectrum of Dance class is done in groups... group work is really hard to coordinate when everyone is in class at different times and you have to practice outside of class time.
3. Modern class is all about your own movement... My movement is ballet. I don't really have my own movement! I have technique, but not my own style. This has left me in quite the pickle, BUT... it's challenging me. 

But being able to dance again has been amazing. Even just having the opportunity to take a dance class makes me so happy... but to get credits for it is like a cherry on top of a really amazing milkshake.  

So now... things that I get to look forward too... hmmm... Clara and Caleb's wedding is coming up pretty quickly now. I am the Maid of Honour and Travis is the Best Man (this is when everyone normally goes "Aww, it was meant to be!" I don't know how many times I've heard that when I tell people this) Anyways, I have been looking forward to this wedding for a VERY long time. It will be such an amazing day and I'm honoured to even be a part of it. 

This semester is almost over and I'm looking forward to coming back to BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA. The snow is FINALLY melting here, but that makes Edmonton a BIG mess. But the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, so really, I can't complain. Yet, it will be so nice to return home and spend a summer at HOME! 

There is much that I have to look forward too... I seriously cannot complain! =)

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