Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello AGAIN Friends and Family! (and Blogging World)

I have been trying to start up my old blog again... I'm not very good at this... so here we go again. 
Anyways, I was just thinking about how I have really wanted to document my life because well... 
I'M GETTING MARRIED! And... I'm getting married to the most amazing man I have ever MET!
July 22nd 2012 is the date and right now we are 97 days away and we can't wait! My fiance, Travis, is one amazing man and we are just working on finishing up exams before we go back home to beautiful B.C.
So, I figure I may as well start this blog with a little bit of background of us before we continue on with this project.
Here Is Just A Little Snibit of How We Met and Started Out...
(This is on our Wedding Website which I will talk about later on)

Jenna’s Point of View
I moved from Ladner to Edmonton to pursue my teaching career at the University of Alberta. The thought of moving to Edmonton was one that never entered my mind, but my best friend Clara was moving there and wanted a roommate and pointed me to the UofA website to look of the Education program. I ended up loving it and decided to apply.
In the mean time, her boyfriend and my good friend, Caleb, had been telling me about his awesome roommate Travis who he wanted me to hook up with. Just to clarify, I did NOT move to Edmonton to pursue a boy… but I moved to go to school and to seek out a intentional community.
Long story short, Caleb and Clara’s intentions for Travis and I to be together ended up working! The first time I met Travis, I knew I he was a man that I wanted to get to know… and I liked him right away. However, I tried avoiding it for the first part of the semester because we were in such close quarters and were working on building an intentional community. Then, by October of 2010, Travis and I had become good friends and shared the same love for many things like the outdoors, sports, singing, guitar, dancing, laughing and of course, the Lord.
Eventually in November, Travis made me a steak dinner… then a stirfry… then another dinner and another…
I tried making a trifle for him but failed and burnt the angel food cake (I was very nervous to be around him).
By January of 2011, Travis told me he liked me and we decided we would pray about dating each other and seek out the Lord before we actually started dating… (We started dating 9 days later… we were so excited).
We have been through many things together… we have had many highs and many lows. However, Travis is not only my amazing fiance, but he is my best friend that constantly holds me up in prayer and is continually serving me, comforting me, and encouraging me. I am a VERY blessed woman to have him in my life and God has DEFINITELY drowned me in His unconditional love by providing me with an amazing man who I can’t wait to have as my husband.

Travis’s Point of View
I had been living in Edmonton for 2 years already and I was not planning on coming back to Edmonton for my 3rd year. My brother and I had planned on going travelling, but when football had offered me a starting position on the team, I could not say no so I decided to go back.
I have to tell you, that was the best decision of my entire life. Without it, I would not have met the most AMAZING girl I have ever know who would one day be my future wife.
The first time I met Jenna, she blew me away with her friendliness… and she had such a great personality. We were drawn towards each other from the beginning. We shared the same humor, the same weirdness about the way we acted, the same energy levels… needless to say, we became very good friends.
It was later in November when we really started hanging out a lot more and talking more. I knew that I was attracted to this girl and she was really sweet, but I didn’t want to screw anything up so I decided to tread carefully. After a while I knew this was the girl for me and so I pulled out all the stops, I’m talking making 3 course meals, marinating steaks… the whole nine yards. I tell you that stuff works because she fell so hard for me, it was awesome!
I finally told her her that I liked her when we went home for Christmas and we started dating soon after that back in Edmonton. Being with Jenna has brought me so much more joy and makes me look at everything in a more special way. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and God has blessed me beyond measure with Jenna. Every day, I fall deeper in love with her and can not wait to spend the rest of my life making her happy and serving her.

So that is it for now folks! We are just about to go and watch the Canucks game... game 3 and we haven't won yet... but we are still cheering for the Nucks! GO CANUCKS GO!

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