Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY Save the Dates! (Did I mention that they were FREE!?!)

Hello ALL,
For our wedding, we didn't really have much time on our hands to put off wedding invitations. However, while we were in the process of making them and while I didn't have the addresses to a lot of people that we were inviting, we were able to make cute Save the Date Cards!
We sent these card via facebook messages and emails for people that we didn't have addresses to so that they knew WHEN we were getting married and that they were invited before the actual invites came out.

It was a pretty simple procedure. I'm in love with anything and everything FREE and CRAFTY... and the Wedding Chicks have a LOT of DIY Invitation Suites and Save the Date templates. SO I stumbled upon these templates and fell in love.
Click HERE if you want to look at these FREE Save the Date cards. I could not believe my luck when I found these.

And it is SO simple! Just DOWNLOAD, copy and paste a photo in... add a heart, circle or whatever you want to the day you are getting married... and VOILA! SAVE THE DATE COMPLETE!

There are even more Save the Date Templates Here that aren't even a calendar card. However... they have a bunch of different styles for the calendar card that are worth checking our right HERE!

Because we didn't have time to send them all out, we didn't get them printed... however, that is a possibility to do just as a keep sake.

I loved how ours turned out and I hope you guys like them too. It's all a part of the process. 

As for Travis and I, we will be leaving snowy Edmonton in 2 SLEEPS to come back home to BEAUTIFUL B.C to plan MORE for our wedding!

Till then, LOVE YOU ALL and God Bless!

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