Monday, August 20, 2012

Chalk Board Signs DIY

Hello again friends,

I had a new obsession for our wedding... and I guess it has been quite the FAD for a while, but I have fallen in love with CHALK BOARD PAINT!

Photo Cred: Kelsey Siemens, my lovely bridesmaid, of PS: Heart

It has become very popular for brides who want the rustic/simple/vintage style... and I was that bride. So, I had my crack at it... and still continue to adore this look!

First, the signs below were found at the dollar store... $2.00 each! My bridesmaid Jordan and I sanded down the signs and then stained them.

We then painted chalk board paint in the center of the signs...
I bought the chalk board paint from the Home Depot HERE. It is really easy but, I would recommend doing 2 coats.

We then used one of the signs as a sign for our videographer, Jordyn Siemens. (HERE is a quick preview of the beauty she captured of our day! I'm so excited to see what she is going to do with the rest of our day. She is also a talented member of PS: Heart)

Photo Cred: Jordyn Siemens

For the bigger signs, I used leftover ply wood from the palette stage that my amazing man built (I will do a post about this later). 

I then stained it with Minwax stain from the Home Depot. 

And yes, I did you that little sponge brush to stain the wood... it took a little while, but I was eager to get this project going at the time and used what I could at home.

After it dried, we taped the edges so that the boards would have a nice straight boarder.

This is my Maid of Honour, Clara (also of PS: Heart), taping away.
(Ok, I just got to say, I was EXTREMELY blessed by the PS: Heart ladies. They are SO creative and extremely talented and I was blessed enough to have them ALL involved in the wedding. They are amazing friends to me!)

Then, we painted the inside of the board.

Finally, Clara used her amazing fonts to create the finishing touches on the chalk boards.

Photo Cred: Jordyn Siemens

I loved how easy and simple it was to make these. They turned out so beautifully and I ended up keeping them. Maybe I could use them when I become a teacher... you never know!

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