Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Groomsmen Outfits

Travis and I, a long time ago (ok, maybe not that long... but long enough for us), had known from the very beginning that he was not going to wear a suit or tux on his wedding day.

It's funny, I joke around saying that Travis has better style then me... but the thing is, HE DOES. He is the one that always encourages me to buy new pieces of clothing to add to my wardrobe and will take me shopping when he feels like I need a change (and I agree with him). When I picked my husband, I never thought that he would have such a talented eye for fashion, but I'm VERY thankful that he does! Just look how handsome he is along with his dashing men!

Again, these photos were taken by the amazing Sarah and Graeme Nickerson.

Finding these outfits was quite an interesting adventure. You would think you would be able to rent them from a tux shop or even get them from Moore's or Tip Top Tailors... but NO! No such luck. They did not sell vests!

Our journey in West Edmonton Mall FINALLY led us to Le Chateau. I never would have thought of going in, but we walked by and noticed that they carried vests. Travis started trying on vests right away but I noticed these vests, HERE, and the matching pants can be seen HERE.

I loved the colour, the style, the look... BUT, they were running out of this style at the West Edmonton mall location. So, we called all of the groomsmen and asked their sizes. Sure enough, the store carried their EXACT sizes while we stripped them dry of their inventory except for one pair of pants. We were blessed! And in the end, they all got to keep their sweet get up instead of returning a tux to a store if we rented.

Finally, to tie it all together... (haha, pun), the ties were from Le Chateau as well. The groomsmen wore a black skinny tie while Trav wore a charcoal skinny tie. AND, the lovely boutonnieres were created by my lovely Auntie Rita and Auntie Sherry with babies breath and leaves from my backyard. 

It all came together SO nicely, and the ladies dresses were GORGEOUS as well! The dresses complimented each other and my friends were comfortable throughout the day. I posted about the dresses earlier HERE if you don't know the history on how we picked them.

Everyone looked AMAZING! Walking down the aisle was one part of the wedding I was looking forward to the most... and it was one of my highlights that I still remember from our day.

Thank you, friends, for sharing in our day with us. It meant the world and you made it SO beautiful, I can't thank you enough!

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